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Aug 30, 2023

what's your go-to way to de-stress after a long day (school, work etc)
word of the day
grocery store in finland is making shopping carts to accommodate cats and dogs
game: is ashley smarter than a 5th grader
do you have 'cut off' times for things like dinner, when to be home for the night, or starting a movie?
feel good story of the day
game: guess that celebrity voice
what's your favorite thing to eat while watching that different than your netflix/movie snack?
insider list of best coming of age movies...but they're all 2004-2020...what's your favorite coming of age film?
game: outburst
goodbye/fun facts....National Sport Sampling Day. Today, we encourage kids and families alike, to either try a new sport or play one they haven’t in a long time. Playing sports requires time, dedication, and energy...children who play sports tend to actually be more focused and they develop better problem solving skills...and research shows playing sports promotes self-determination, good work ethic, and requires goals. many park and rec centers offer sports at a lower cost...that way you can decide if you like it before you go full board into club sports.