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Aug 31, 2023

best shark tank products
word of the day
game: slogans all about snack foods
best and worst traits you inherited (funny list)
should most places have a "no kids section"...what about airplanes or trains?
game: think n sync
you've heard of 'quiet quitting'...but do you know about 'silent walking'?
we talked about sleeping on your favorite side of the bed...are there other things that are non-negotiable?
game: mindtrap
foods invented by accident
goodbye/fun facts....National Beach Day celebrates all the sandy beaches across the nation...but it's not just for the ocean beaches.... it's also about the summer recreation at a lake or river.  Swimming, water sports,  sunbathing or just a long walk. this day calls attention to keeping them clean and safe. go have fun...enjoy...but  leave nothing behind.  Keep animals from getting trapped or tangled in trash, on land and in the water