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Sep 27, 2023

can you remember NOT being able to use a credit card to buy food?  Ashley's dad had restaurant specific credit card...but cc weren't available to use at fast food places...until 1993!!!
word of the day
game: scattergories
are your co-workers "family" like they promised you in the interview?
do you offer to 'move over' when someone needs a seat?
do you cook with or for your kids?
game: guess that celebrity voice
things you didn't know you could clean with hydrogen peroxide
game: mindtrap
do you like to go into haunted houses?  
goodbye/fun facts....National Key Lime Pie Day...Key limes are smaller, rounder, less acidic, and more fragrant than their familiar cousin, the Persian/Tahitian lime. The key lime pie gets its distinctive name from these small limes, naturalized in the Florida Keys. Lime juice can be substituted for regular lime juice in everything, from cocktails to condiments, on chicken, and fish/seafood, in marinades, sauces, and soups. Botanist, Jack Simons, is credited with inventing key lime pie; however,  many other reports say that a ship salvager cook known as Aunt Sally created the first key lime pie in the early 1800's. These ships would have been the ideal place to find the non-perishable ingredients used in the earliest recipe: limes, eggs, and canned milk.