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Sep 29, 2023

game:  can you name that tune in 1 second
word of the day
game: slogan game
university of florida can help you lose all the weight you want!
do you speak your mind or sugar coat what you mean
game: everybody knows
how do adults feel about food
pittsburgh airport does something all airports should do!
when is it ok to put up halloween decorations?
best slow cooker fall recipes
goodbye/fun facts....National Strawberry Cream Pie Day ..strawberries are naturally out of season in September...however...they are usually available in grocery stores almost all year round...or you can always pick up frozen and or canned! There are so many strawberry cream pie recipes available today...Some recipes use whipped cream or cream cheese, while some opt for a pudding or custard base with strawberries either folded in or on top. Sweet cream — cream separated directly from milk — remains the best type of cream for making a strawberry cream pie!