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Dec 25, 2019

free impossible burger for delayed travelers
speaking of travel...what is our biggest stressor?
a guy in england thought he was buying an 8 foot inflatable turned out to be 25 feet!
most popular toys state by state
ashley and brad call the north pole and talk to santa
According to a new survey from the International Council of Shopping Centers, 76% of adult shoppers say they plan on making holiday purchases right up until Christmas. some people run out of time, some people are hoping to score a better deal, some people got invited to a party at the last minute....some people feel they work best under pressure...are you one of these?
ashley gives brad a holiday quiz
brad gives ashley "the feud"
what different cultures eat on christmas
comedy bit lewis black on christmas vs hanukkah
goodbye/fun facts...on this date in 1777 Christmas Island, is discovered by James Cook.(hence the name) Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean is well known for its biological diversity. There are many rare species of animals and plants on the island....including the migration of the tens of millions of bright vermillion crabs that carpet the ground of Christmas Island turning it into a sea of red. (that usually happens in october and november)