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May 28, 2019

most stolen items from hotel rooms
why do americans prefer the road trip over flying?
the majority of american workers save their vacation time for summer
90% of people don't answer their incoming calls...why?
would you pay $4,000 to work out at home with a "virtual trainer"?
feel good story of the day...homeless teen earns $3 million in scholarships
words that make you sound dumb
do you have a "side hustle" job...almost half of americans do...
upper class people really do think they are better everyone else
parenting pointers with dr. claudia...what's the community coffin club? we'll find out!
goodbye/fun day weekend is also the 51st annual polka festival convention. Polka is a type of music that has influences of dance music that is popularized by Central Europeans. there are many dance studios around the country that offer polka lessons...and you can burn up to 238 calories an hour dancing polka