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Jul 25, 2019

most and least educated cities in the u.s.
what was the "baby shark" song of your childhood?
what's your "go to" breakfast food?
brad still can't believe ashley never ate we confirmed it with ashley's old co-worker
bucket list landmark destinations in the u.s.
your kid won a free goldfish at the far would you go to save it's life?
there's a new pampers app that will text you when your baby has messed it's diaper....really?!?!?
gq magazine did a study about long they take to get ready...if they'd wear make up...and their biggest grooming frustration
why would someone buy a flamethrower for a drone?
most people trust advice from their mom than from an expert
goodbye/fun is national tequila day...(just like champangne can't be called champagne if it's not from champange, france...tequila can't be called tequila if it's not from tequila, jalisco mexioc)...but what about the worm...not all types of tequila contain a tequila worm. The tequila worm or as it should be known as the Mezcal worm is normally only found in Mezcal (tequila). The worm is pickled in alcohol for more than a year and is made sure to be free to pesticides, before being added to mezcal....and as for the theory that eating the worm can cause's all just a marketing myth from the company.