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Jul 30, 2019

move over therapy dogs...there are now therapy cows!
things to never tell your boss...even if you're "friends" with your boss
do you suffer from product claustrophobia?
if you could have one super power...which one would you choose?
how much do plan on spending for back to school supplies/clothes? the national average is $696 per child...(k-12)$977 per child
ashley and brad play radio b-i-n-g-o
ways to get rid of houseguests
things people do in the shower..."multi-tasking"
what states have the nation's highest car insurance rates...
which chore do you actually like doing?
goodbye/fun is national chicken wing day...Buffalo, New York lays claim to the birthplace of the chicken wing (that’s why they're called Buffalo wings) 1.23 billion wings consumed during Super Bowl weekend alone.