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Sep 25, 2019

which food actually makes you gag...something you just can't eat.
best 2 person board games...what are some of your favorites?
most parents think summer is too you agree?
big things americans would give up for their small joys
signs that you're the problem employee
ashley and brad play the walmart high/low game
besides your kids or animals...what "brag worthy" pic you have on your phone right now
the 40+ bucket list...
how long does the average woman shop...according to this study 14% of her life...but it's not all for her
we all worry about finances...a new princeton study breaks down what our most common financial stressors are
goodbye/fun facts....on sept 24, 1964...the Munsters debuted on CBS and run until May 12, 1966; 70 episodes were produced. It was cancelled after ratings dropped to a series low, due to the premiere of ABC's Batman, which was in color. The Munsters found a large audience in syndication. This popularity warranted a spin-off series, as well as several films, including one with a theatrical release