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Sep 27, 2019

favorite part of fall...what's yours?
how do you cancel plans without looking like a jerk?
what questions/phrases do parents hate to hear their kids ask
should you be required to share your personal emotions in your workplace?
what do you do when people talk to you in an elevator
ashley gives brad a wars theme
brad gives ashley "the feud"
what foods/drinks do you go to when your stomach is upset
a mom crashes her son's class as punishment for being rude to his teacher
corona is testing the first edible 6-pack rings...made from barley and wheat...
goodbye/fun's "one hit wonder" day...but on this day in 1959: The song "Do-Re-Mi" from the "Sound of Music" by Rodger and Hammerstein was registered. The tune finished at #88 in AFI's 100 Years...100 Songs survey of the top tunes in American cinema