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Sep 28, 2019

would you ever consider making kids sign a "sleepover" contract at your house?
what do your toes say about you? cosmopolitan magazine decodes your toes:
what's something you can't have just one of? (food or otherwise)
there is a new pumpkin spice item that just sold out...and they aren't making any more of it...
a.i. in australia can capture people using their phones while driving because it can look very into close in the car...ok or not?
how to break a bad habit...which one of these do you do?
ashley and brad play password
best cities in the u.s. to get coffee...(non national chains)
more and more stores are offering self serve checkout...and now the huge box stores like costco and bj's you like doing that on your own?
men's health reported what workers really think about their boss
goodbye/fun facts....On National Johnny Appleseed Day, we honor the man who made apple (and pear) trees grow heavy with the bounty of their fruit across most of this country. On September 26, we commemorate the day of his birth and celebrate his legendary wit, wisdom, and enduring can share an apple treat or read one of the many stories about Johnny Chapman (his real name). Use #JohnnyAppleseedDay