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Jan 29, 2020

how to succesfully mingle at parties
super nintendo world coming to universal. what kid themed thing would you like see at a theme park
kobe stars have reacted and how stars' deaths impact us
apparently every state has a least favorite state...according to instagram
a bear predicts the superbowl winner
according to redbook to save a little money by the end of this year
it's the chinese new year (as of saturday) year of the are some funny fortune cookie sayings
ashley and brad play outburst
before you make fun of gen's some things you should know about them
is it ok for airplane passengers to use the vent system to dry off clothes or shoes? would you tell someone to stop it?
goodbye/fun's national kazoo day...the kazoo dates back to instrument that requires little effort to create a sound. If you can hum, you can play the kazoo! in the early 1900's a traveling salesman, Emil Sorg took great interest in the kazoo and carried the idea back to Western New York in 1912 where he partnered with Michael McIntyre. In 1915, McIntyre partnered with Harry Richardson, and they established The Original American Kazoo Company which began producing metal kazoos. They are still in production today in Eden, NY....where they have tours and a make your own kazoo station