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Nov 28, 2020

what food/beverage product would you want a full cookbook of? (there's a mountain dew cookbook out)
game: pick the worst
comedy black friday bit
have you ever ordered a new item...and it was actually used?
how many coffee mugs do you have at your house/why?
what fuels your road trips? twizzlers? something healthy?
busiest shopping days for the rest of the year
game: 5 second rule
school in france warns parents to stop tossing their kids over the fence
at what age did you stop wishing you were older and start wishing you were younger?
goodbye/fun facts....National Leftovers Day shines a light on the $8 billion of food thrown out each year. It’s all about saving money and helping the environment by making the most of our food. Leftovers make up 27% of all food thrown out...that’s second only to fruit and vegetables which account for 33%. try websites like: taste of home, epicurious, delish, and eating well to get great ideas on how to make amazing new ways to use thanksgiving leftovers