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Apr 28, 2020

has you diet gotten healtheir? 31% of people say YES!
hide and seek goes really wrong-covid style
what are the top things people are missing while in lockdown?
California Highway Patrol writing soooo many tickets
if you could "un-invent" something...what would it be?
getting to know you game
pick up/take out orders wrong-coronavirus stories
sleep positions reveal your personality
car manufacturers are going to start making cars with more air purifiers...would you buy one?
how are you getting your morning coffee?
goodbye/fun is Woody Woodpecker day...but Woody's first appearance was on November 25, 1940....well American cartoonist, animator, film producer, and director, best known for creating Woody Woodpecker, Walter Benjamin Lantz was born on this date, April 27, 1900. He would found Walter Lantz Productions. What was the original inspiration for this irritating bird? It was while he, Lantz and Grace Stafford, the actress and voice artist who gave birth to this irritating bird....were on their honeymoon and woodpecker began knocking on the roof of their bungalow. Mel Blanc voiced Woody for the first year...but Grace voiced Woody for 33 years.