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Jun 24, 2020

what makes a house the "cool house" during the summer? a pool? a trampoline?
what's the one word you can't pronounce?
ashley and brad play "things" game
since the summer county fairs are cancelled...what is your all time favorite fair food...
how old actors were in roles might shock you
top 10 states for tiny living
54% of us don't know how to do this with our cars...
ashley and brad play "mini quiz"
if you could stop doing one household chores...which one would it be?
what are your top "house" rules...
goodbye/fun facts...It’s almost Carpenter Ant Awareness Week If you’ve dealt with carpenter ants, you don’t want to again, and if you haven’t, you never want to..Carpenter ants are just as capable as termites of inflicting damage to your property. They like damp or decaying wood, removing small pieces to assemble their own nests. Although carpenter ants do not eat the wood like termites do, they can similarly infest your home and cause lasting damage....while you're still on a little self check around your house and get it taken care of if you have them!