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Jun 26, 2020

discontinued snack foods...remember any of these?
for those of us over 35...what has your body told you that you can't do anymore
you're saving money not driving to work...but how much are you spending staying at home
packaging makes millions of tons of waste...have you ordered something that came in a huge box?
diy home projects...what have you tackled
are you having trouble understanding people with facemasks on
ashley and brad play prison commissary price is right
are you waving at the end of video calls? why do we do this?
what's the bad habit you'd really like to stop doing, but can't
free money in money!!!
goodbye/fun facts....they'll probably have to change the name of this day...but right now it's: national bomb pop day!! The last Thursday in June is reserved for enjoying a summertime favorite on National Bomb Pop Day. It’s rocket shape and vivid colors remind us of fireworks! Invented in 1955 in Kansas City, Missouri..If you’re feeling a bit creative, you could try your hand at making your very own Bomb Pops at home