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Jul 28, 2020

what small things irrationally irritate you?
2 men share a lottery ticket 30 years later
aside from being transferred...why do we move?
what do we notice about each vs women
what are people buying during lockdown and loving!
ashley gives brad a quiz
brad gives ashley the feud
have you ever left your dog door open?
movies that always seem to be on
how often do you change the bed sheets?
goodbye/fun facts....national walk on stilts day...stilts are the mainstay of theatrical performers, clowns, jugglers...but stilts have been around since as far back as the 6th Century BC. In the Landes region of France, shepherds would use them to watch their flocks from an elevated position...Stilts are now used for washing large windows, repairing roofs, painting high walls and ceilings and by drywall companies.