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Jul 31, 2020

noise cancelling heaphones for your whole house?
top 3 most relaxing colors
worst foods to eat on a road trip
ashley and brad play battle of the sexes part 1
ashley and brad play battle of the sexes part 2
funny/cute names kids give things
"me time"...favorite "me time" activity
how to keep your dog/pet cool during the hot summer days
do you tip housekeeping staff?
crazy but true interview questions from very large corporations
goodbye/fun facts....We live in interesting times... Between miscommunications, cultural and political discord, not to mention COVID issues... peace seemingly has less of presence in global society....but the United Nations introducted International Day of Friendship back in 2011 to remind us that there is still a lot of good in this world. Celebrate all your friendships through something as simple as a brief note, email or text letting your friend know that you appreciate their friendship.....because when it comes right down to it...we call have way more in common than we realize.