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Jan 25, 2022

if you had a saturday morning to yourself...what would you do with it?
have you ever faked talking on the phone to avoid talking to a person irl?
what celebrity would you like to receive a wake up call from?
places we forget to dust
if you had $20 million to build your dream house...what would you make sure you had
game: quiz
game: feud
the new way to buy clothes...thanks amazon 
would you get your butt read to tell your future?
what country would you want to travel to just for the food?
goodbye/fun facts....Now canned beer just makes sense. Beer cans are easier to pack in a box or cooler. Advanced thermodynamics and quantum physics tells us beer cans are more efficient to pick up. It's science. It takes less time to chill a can of beer than a bottle of beer. However, bottled beer stays colder longer. But that's what koozies are for, But remember, fellow history buffs, it wasn’t always that way.   on the day in 1935A New Jersey based brewery called Kruegers releases the beer can then in 1962 After a delay in production during World War II, canned beer became mainstream again.