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Jan 27, 2022

what's a beard pencil?
what's the best thing you've done for yourself so far this year?
cooking/food arguments
worst sound in the world
game: 20 questions
buzzfeed list:  are these things acceptable or not to you
game:  mindtrap
what's an adult problem no one prepared you for
things we want to do/spend money on over the next decade
if you did you job with no long would it take you to do it
goodbye/fun facts....national green juice day...Green juices consist of a variety of pressed vegetables and fruits — making them a healthy alternative to other foods as a way of encouraging those who’ve made a New Year’s resolution to stay or get healthy.  in the 1930's Author and raw-food proponent Dr. Norman Walker creates a mechanical juicer that grounds vegetables into tiny pieces. then in the 1990's Hollywood celebrities ignite a trend of replacing solid food with green juices.  If you've never tried a green can buy prepacked...or there are some simple recipes online.