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Jan 29, 2022

what large purchase are you going to make this year?
superbowl saturday???
funny reasons people broke up
game: slogan game
YUP that exists website
would you agree to surgery performed by a robot?  (not robot assisted)
game: pyramid
when did you finally feel "on top" of your finances?
most important things you learned from your grandparents
do you have nicknames for your co-workers
goodbye/fun facts....Data Privacy Day...reminds us to review how our data is used. take stock and evaluate our personal cybersecurity.  Thanks to the internet, massive amounts of personal data can be easily distributed.  On any new device, set your privacy settings immediately.  Check your bank and credit card statements regularly.  Stop taking online quizzes that ask random questions about your childhood, children, tattoos, marriages, pets, and favorite foods.