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Dec 29, 2021

what do you use alexa for?
the upside of stress
game: what year was it
new year's resolutions
wired magazine: things that made the world a better place in 2021
game: general trivia
some of the "most searched" list according to google
funny things people have done for their dogs
fun ways to ring in nye
great eco friendly ways to get rid of your christmas tree
goodbye/fun facts....national card playing day. and there are so many to chose from...but it all started out in 9th century china...using money and other paper objects..then card playing moved to egypt but it was still paper...then the appearance of the first playing cards during the Early Renaissance in Europe. Theories range how the suits converted to hearts, spades, diamonds and clubs. One theory suggests the suits represent the different classes of the era – clergy, aristocracy, military, and peasantry. Some of the top card games include Spades, Poker, Solitaire, Hearts, Gin Rummy, Bridge, Black Jack, and Texas Hold’em