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Apr 28, 2021

super popular tech that no one has anymore
part of food that you normally throw away but should eat
most popular superheroes around the world
do you feel safer or less safe when you watch "true crime" shows on tv
game: slogan game
what do you insist on doing the "old fashioned way"
things you don't have to be good at to love doing
game: mindtrap
what celebrity/famous person do you feel sorry for..why?
awkward life moments from buzzfeed
goodbye/fun facts....dits and dahs or dots and dashes. The name “morse code” has been inspired by the inventor of the telegraph; Samuel Morse. In 1836, Samuel Morse and his compatriots, Alford Vail and Joseph Henry developed morse code One of the best things to do on Morse Code Day is to learn more about Morse code! Morse code is in danger of disappearing as a means of communications. As of 2007 , knowledge of morse code is no loner a requirement for a ham radio license. This should not be too difficult to do when you consider all of the information that is on the Internet today.