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Aug 26, 2021

what would you do to never pay taxes again
young adults believe they work harder than previous generations...really?!?!?!
have you or anyone you know ever worked as a mascot
new app connects customers with leftover food
game: what year was it?
have you ever thought you looked great until someone made a comment that let the air out of your sails?
when did something good happen to you by chance
game: mindtrap
jobs and professions that no longer exist
do you keep buying food that you have intentions of eating but never do?
goodbye/fun facts....national park service the National Park Service celebrates its birthday. Thanks to President Woodrow Wilson and the United States Congress, the National Park Service Organic Act was signed and passed into law in 1916. NPS celebrates its birthday by hosting an entrance-free day each year for all visitors to explore their lands. ..The National Park System is a collection of 423 physical properties owned or administered by the National Park Service. The 62 national parks are part of the National Park System.. you can purchase an American the Beautiful Pass, or acquire a discounted passes, available to active-duty and reserves military, permanently disabled and or