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Sep 25, 2021

is it autumn or is it fall?
celebrities that started out as athletes
the last quarter of the year goes so you go into 'holiday mode'?
game: slogan game
gross things you've accidentally touched...ashley has a bird poop story
amazon's high tech dressing room could be our future
game: pyramid
neiman marcus holiday catalog
if we ever got to take vacation...which celebrity/ies should fill in for us? who would you like to fill in for you?
most popular halloween costumes around the u.s. this year...for your dog!
goodbye/fun facts....national punctuation day...dotting your t’s, crossing your i’s, and knowing the difference between a colon and a semicolon. there was rudimentary punctuation from the Greeks, in 200 B.C. it wasn’t until the Bible began to be printed en masse that punctuation spread to other civilizations. Bible printing was widespread between 400 and 800 A.D., and punctuation was necessary so that those who read the text aloud knew where to pause and place emphasis...While punctuation as a single system hasn’t changed too much since the old days, marks and symbols have gradually gained and lost meaning....for instance...the pound sign is now known as the hashtag. if you'd like a funny take on a victor borge video!!