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Apr 26, 2022

worst mess you or your kids made
allergic to food you didn't know you were
how to turn negatives into positives
game: quiz
game: feud
richard branson has a possibly brilliant idea to lower gas you think you could participate?
most underrated fast food sauces
worst way to wake up
were you planning on going anywhere this summer then checked the prices??
do you read the terms of service on anything or just e-sign it?
goodbye/fun facts....National Telephone Day. Around the world, there are 9.82 billion mobile phones. And while some predicted the landline to be obsolete by 2020, there are still about 931 million landlines around the world. Who invented the telephone?...well 4 people were rushing to the patent office... but because Alexander Graham Bell and his attorney submitted his record first, the patent office awarded Bell the patent on March 7, 1876.