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Apr 30, 2022

is hockey really just boxing on ice
cereal with oj instead of milk
what's your best bbq meal?
game: think n sync
taking food home from a buffet
we talked about grandson ordering ubereats...what have your kids ordered
game:  what year was it?
real but confusing signs
veggies we don't all!
half drunk water bottles...everywhere!!
goodbye/fun facts....whether you pop, lock, spin, do ballet, the lindy or just freestyle...celebrate International Dance Day dancing positively impacts our lives  Dancing gives us the ability to communicate emotions frequently deeper than our own language...if you watch any of the reality dancing can see the emotions.  AMERICA’S FAVORITE TYPES OF DANCE #1: Hip hop (40%) #2: Ballroom (13%) #3: Swing AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCERS OF ALL TIME #1: Michael Jackson (24%) #2: Channing Tatum (12%) #3: Fred Astaire  AMERICA’S FAVORITE DANCE MOVIES #1: Dirty Dancing (26%) #2: Footloose (13%) #3: Grease