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Aug 30, 2019

what would you do for pumpkin spice?
what's the worst highway system in the country?
costco opened their first store in china...and it didn't go very well
would you feed your pet bugs?
labor day is this weekend...what are the best things to buy in september?
which professions drink the most coffee? (doctors? baristas?)
would you give up $5,000 per year in your salary if it meant you could wear jeans to work?
if you need a favor...ask a friend not a sibling...especially your oldest sibling
should a souvenir come with a warning "not to buy it" if you can't take it on an airplane?
which professions are the worst drivers
goodbye/fun is national chop suey day an American Chinese culinary cuisine...chop suey means assorted pieces. chop suey was invented when chinese immigrants traveled from their home in taishan to the United States...they used leftover scraps...mixed with noodles. While regularly served by chinese restaurateurs, the local chinese people did not eat this dish....because it isn't something they grew up's an american invention