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Feb 26, 2020

what is your favorite day of the week
best companies to work for this year
first r-rated movie you saw
60% of americans in a new poll think we should include the tip in the price (like in europe)...and do away with the tip jar...what say you?
15% of women have to confine themselves to their office so they won't shop on their lunch you have to actively stop yourself from doing something?
worst turn down lines you ever got from someone
yes you can buy anything from amazon...but what will you only buy brick and mortar
you should goof off in meetings
foods that are so dangerous they can kill you
speaking of snacking...even astronauts do it!
goodbye/fun is national sticky bun day...brought to the United States by German settlers in the 18th century. Often served for breakfast, Sticky buns are also sometimes known as cinnamon rolls, caramel rolls or monkey bread....they are the ultimate comfort food and they are perfect with hot chocolate or tea or coffee...yum!!