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Feb 28, 2020

what to do when the airline looses your luggage
workers and meetings
whether you celebrate lent or not...what would be the hardest thing for you to give up for 40 days
off field injuries (madison bumgarner)
worst "best oscar movies" of all time according to some critics
ashley gives brad a quiz
brad gives ashley "the feud"
how much would let fb pay you to share your personal info?
things they didn't tell you in high school to prepare you for college
is it "gif" or "jif" do you pronounce that word?
goodbye/fun is national toast day...everyone seems to like theirs a different way...light/dark/one side only...but how did it begin? Toasting began as a method of prolonging the life of bread. It was initially toasted over open fires with tools to hold it in place until it was properly browned."tostum" is the Latin word for scorching or burning. The first electric toaster was invented in 1893 by Alan MacMasters in Scotland. An unusual online museum is dedicated to the toaster, with lots of photos and historical information.