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Oct 30, 2021

hoverbikes are here...and they are expensive
will you wait in a long check out line or go into self serve?
awful early 2000's trends that are making a comeback
game: totally tubular trivia
if you had the time would you ever want to write a book?
which foods are the hardest to resist according to men's health
game: truth or rubbish halloween facts
do you spend more on halloween or christmas decor?
best baseball cities
how did you mess up the laundry
goodbye/fun facts....national oatmeal day...Oats have been traced back over 4,000+ years to Egypt’s 12th Dynasty the Scottish weren’t shy about introducing oats into their diet. It even made it into one of their national dishes: Haggis.Not only is oatmeal one of America’s favorite breakfast foods... It’s also a versatile! Steel-cut oats are coarsely cut oats. Rolled oats are a whole grain oat that’s rolled into oat flakes Another kind is instant or quick oats. and there are also overnight oats. oatmeal is low in fat and calories so it's good to your diet as a good source of iron and fiber. Vermont leads the United States in per capita consumption of cooked oatmeal cereal.