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Dec 30, 2021

what was your favorite book as a kid? do you still have it?
besides losing weight and saving money...what are the most commonly broken new year's resolutions? I'll give brad $1 for every one he gets right
what would be the first sentence of your autobiography?
game: slogan off
small (and usually) dumb things that make us ureasonable angry
wallethub's best (and worst) cities to spend new year's eve
game: prison commissary price is right
who actually loves winter? the cold temps...the short/dark days...
how often do you donate money or 'round up' when checking out
do you store your holiday decorations properly?
goodbye/fun facts....still need to do day...the holiday rush is over and now you have a couple more days to look over your 2021 "to do" list and see what else you can get done before we turn over to a new year. you've probably heard of making a ben franklin list...well since 1740 Benjamin Franklin enjoyed creating lists to track his productivity and separate lists for tracking his virtues. john lennon was a fan of list making...One of John Lennon's1908 to-do lists included meeting with a HBO producer and books that he wanted to read. Completing tasks give people a sense of accomplishment, and doing some now will lay a foundation to start the new year off strong