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Mar 26, 2021

are your best years ahead of you or behind you?
what kind of clothes are you wearing to hid the pandemic weight
what would want brought back from your, food, clothes etc?
what's the worst part of zoom?
game: password
when you turn to google to settle an disagreement...what's the dispute about?
america's favorite tv shows of all time
game: mindtrap
how much "play money" do you need a week?
bored panda's "adulting 101"
goodbye/fun facts....Waffles came to Sweden near the early 1600s and quickly spread to nearby lands. The event in celebration of them was called Våffeldagen which sounded remarkably close to the religious holiday Vårfrudagen on March 25 and the traditions merged. Waffles became sweeter in the 1700s after more butter and sugar were added to the recipes. In 1839, the Belgian waffle was created much thicker than regular waffles and with deeper grids