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Jun 26, 2021

foods high in vitamin c...and oranges aren't even in the top 3!!!
how do you end your day? experts say it's as important as how you start it....
are you easily influenced or do you hold your ground no matter what
most beloved cartoon characters of all time
game: general trivia
what's your favorite commercial of all time?
most memorable fictional companies
game: what year was it?
true stories of people who have tried to scam the the lady who tried to use a million dollar bill at walmart!
fun/random gifts
goodbye/fun facts....National Food Truck Day is always celebrated on the last Friday of June...especially after the year we had with many restaurants being temporarily and some permanently shut down...get out and show some love for the hardworking entrepreneurs cooking up the nation's tastiest, most innovative food. The day was created to support the 30,000+ food trucks across the United States and Canada. These favorite local food trucks to help keep small businesses part of our community. A precursor of the food truck can be seen as being the chuckwagon. In 1872, Walter Scott, a food vendor, came up with the lunch wagon—he cut windows in a small covered wagon and sold sandwiches, pies, and coffee to workers outside of a newspaper office in Providence, Rhode Island...and the rest is history