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Feb 23, 2022

2-22-22 for tuesday!!!
what food(s) would be best eaten in the shower since they are so messy
game: mindtrap
besides clean water...first world "luxuries"
alternative sayings for "when pigs fly" (from around the world)
game: what year was it?
funniest/quirkiest competitions from around the world
work cliches...are you tired of these?
controversial cooking hacks...yay or nay
if you get a tax refund..what are you going to do with the money
goodbye/fun facts.... sweet potato day...This vegetable is loved and eaten by millions every day (except brad) people often confuse sweet potatoes with yams..they are actually different vegetables.  Sweet potatoes come in different colors such as orange, white, and purple.they are the most nutritional vegetable...packed with more nutrients than even spinach or broccoli! don’t refrigerate them unless they’re cooked. Refrigeration will give them a bitter taste, ruining their sweet flavor