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Feb 25, 2022

are you fidget-y when you're waiting for things?
feel good story of the day
funny things about golf
we'd rather lose 'this' than our phones!!
game:  acroynms
would you say anything if your restaurant bill was wrong?
game: general trivia
would you publicly try to get someoneback after a break up (like Aaron Rodgers)
do you take food home from the all you can eat buffet?
subtle signs you need more sleep
"goodbye/fun facts....national chili day...Old Legend...It is believed that immigrants from the Canary Islands introduced chili after settling in San Antonio in the 1700's.  in 1896
Chili powder is invented in Texas by German immigrant William Gebhardt who created a way to pulverize dried chiles using a meat grinder, which eventually becomes the product known as Gebhardt’s Eagle Chili Powder. It’s a critical ingredient in Chili. chili has become ultimate cook-off dish...95% of americans say they either like or love chili!  10% of those who make it have a recipe they won't share with anyone..even family members!  1 in 5 of us say chili is our favorite comfort food...and it's so can be made with any kind of meat to completely vegan.  "