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Jul 30, 2022

would you make a scene when you quit a job you hated?
buzzfeed's 'are you a bad neighbor' list
do you hold grudges?
game: password
how often do you brag?
mathematician's secret formula for the perfect day
game: outburst
how often do you have to create a new password for some new account?
american buy exercise equipment...and then don't use it...what aren't you usint?
listener feedback break
goodbye/fun facts....national lasagna day...Since lasagna is one of the oldest kinds of pasta, cooks have developed quite a selection of recipes. From vegan to seafood and dessert.  Lasagna first showed up in Naples, Italy during the Middle Ages and made it to America in the nineteenth century.  The word ‘lasagna’ originated from ancient Greece. A similar dish was commonly prepared in ancient Rome, called ‘lasanum,’ which means pot or container in Latin.  So the word ‘lasagna’ actually comes from the method of cooking it and not the ingredients.  today you can make 'lasagna' carb free, gluten free, grain free...dairy free, meat free...well you get the idea