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May 30, 2019

do dogs make the workplace better?
home depot builds walker for 2 year old boy
hotel travel habits of americans
listener andy sent us a show idea about how schools don't teach cursive anymore...when was the last time you wrote in cursive?
how do you fill an "awkward silence" in a conversation?
quickie at home health checks...can you do these?
new list of "dirty dozen" fruits/vegetables
google came out with it's list of most misspelled words state by state
the hot new trend in smartphones?....not buy a new one
is ok to text your boss or to have you boss text you?
goodbye/fun facts....the pop up toaster turns 100....Charles Strite invented the first automatic pop-up toaster on May 29, 1919. Strite was a master mechanic at a plant in Stillwater, Minnesota. He took interest in the idea of a toast machine because the company cafeteria always sold burnt toast. originally the price was still fairly high, and it was primarily bought as a wedding gift when it debuted. It wasn't until 1930 that Wonder Bread made pre-sliced bread mainstream.