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Sep 29, 2019

best gas station coffee in every state:
alarm clocks...what's the best "wake up sound"
what's your take on the counter "tip jar"
how many people would help someone who was hurt? does that number change if bystanders are on their phone? YES!
are you a loud sneezer or a quiet sneezer? it says a lot about your personality
is it strange for an adults to be obsessed with kid disney or my little pony
do you have a million dollar name? how about a billion dollar name?
if there was one piece of food left in the break room (from a community cake/pizza etc) how likely are you to take it for yourself?
do you feel guilty about not being "green"
parenting pointers...dr claudia...people who actually work really hard to manifest their dreams
goodbye/fun we evolved from our ancient ancestors how did we know food was edible? well...they would feed it to animals and if they died...people wouldn't eat it...but that's not always right because animals can't always eat what we can. for example, humans were told that tomatoes caused stomach cancer and appendicities until colonel robert gibbon johnson stood on the steps of a new jersey courthouse in 1820 and ate one in front of a crowd.