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Jan 28, 2020

would you shop at a store that didn't accept cash (just based on principle)
older adults are just as guilty of oversharing on social media as millennials
why are we still leaving artificial limbs in ubers?
top grocery foods with the most sugar (and not the candy)
things that always make you smile
weird clubs/organizations that actually exist...
things you should do at least once a year
good news story...the laptop elf
name-a-roach is back at the bronx zoo
waisting time at work is a good thing...according to a new study
goodbye/fun facts....national clean out your inbox week...we get 3 billion pieces of e-mail...and a lot of it is junk or stuff we don't need to clean out your inbox!! 1. stop signing up for new emails unless it's a place you really want to be a part of. 2. unsubscribe to all the places you no longer want to be part of. 3. do a mass delete of the emails you'll never read. 4. create folders for your, kids, shopping etc...and when an email comes in (or once a week or so) organize it