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Apr 27, 2021

would you be interested in a mystery "to go" bag from a restaurant?
fun outdoor activities that are free
how are you going to fight climate change
dream kitchen gadgets
who doesn't love the summer
game: quiz
game: feud
things you should never buy at a garage sale
why don't old timey pics have people smiling?
what food tastes better than it looks
goodbye/fun facts....National Pretzel we recognize one of America’s favorite snacks. whether you like a bag of nice crunchy, salty pretzels or a big, warm, soft, cinnamon pretzel...There are a few different accounts of the origin of the pretzel. Most people agree they were developed by the monks as a reward to children who learn their prayers...and then of course The Pennsylvania Dutch immigrants introduced pretzels to North America in the 19th century. The average American consumes about 1.5 pounds of pretzels per year...and they're actuall pretty easy to make!