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Apr 28, 2022

some business owners only hiring baby boomers
who should control the radio in the car?
mental floss...most expensive things ever sold
best compliments/acts of kindness
game: 4 year old trivia
how do you tell someone they're wearing too much cologne/perfume
game: outburst
what are some of your regrets (reddit poll)
last earworm stuck in your head?
little boy and his grandma's ubereats account...what could go wrong?
goodbye/fun facts....National Devil Dog Day, cream filling between two layers of cake...but also the marine corps.  the Germans dubbed the U.S. Marines as ‘Devil Dogs’ during the First World War, for their absolute persistence and determination under fire.  The phrase gained immense popularity, appearing on a U.S. recruiting poster, in poems and songs, in movies, and even as sports-team names.   You can make your own devil dog while you read “The Devil Dogs at Belleau Wood: U.S. Marines in World War I.” (under $20/amazon or under $10/kindle)