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Jun 24, 2022

it's hot outside...what's your perfect temperature?
what's the easiest thing to grow in a garden?  ashley attended a garden lecture...can she do it?
online suggestions to save money
game: 5 second rule
a man in the uk is saving $$ on his morning commute in an alternate way
are you 'nervous' when other people drive?
game:  what year was it?
how much of our lives are we wasting just waiting?
alice cooper says we need to be listening to these music groups
how to get grateful
goodbye/fun facts....national hydration day..The human body contains more than 60 percent water. Maintaining that balance while training is a challenge. And doing it during the summer months is a practice that must be consistent. Becoming overheated or dehydrated can lead to heat stroke and possibly death.  You can even download apps that remind you to drink a set amount of water each day.  And if you don't like regular water... try cocunut water or drinks with electrolytes.  or you can infuse a pitcher of water with mix-ins like lemon wedges, cucumber slices, strawberries, cantaloupe, mint, or other refreshing produce.